Preaching Seminars

Preaching seminar with pastors from west Michigan

Dr. Weima leads intensive preaching seminars (1-2 days) that are designed to help pastors brush up on the exegetical steps in moving from the "then and there" of a given biblical passage to the "here and now" of today. These seminars equip participants to create a sermon series on a particular New Testament book that they can preach in their home congregation. Presentations make use of Powerpoint and other images so that the ancient words of the biblical text truly become alive and meaningful for Christians today. Participants receive a booklet containing the detailed notes used in the presentations that they can take home and use in the writing of their sermon series.

There are four different seminars offered (click on the title for a more detailed description of each seminar and list of topics covered):
     "Sex, Second Coming & Sanctification: Preaching 1 Thessalonians"

     "From Patmos to Paradise: Preaching the Seven Sermons to the Seven Churches (Rev 2-3)"     

     "Preaching 1 Corinthians: From Text to Sermon"      

     "Preaching the Neglected Letters of the NT"


 Preaching seminar with pastors from New Mexico

Preaching seminar with pastors from Washington State & Oregon


Preaching seminar with evangelical pastors from all over Italy 

CRC Preaching seminar 

Preaching seminar with Korean pastors in Los Angeles