"The 'Following in the Footsteps of Jesus: Israel & Jordan' study tour with Dr. Jeffrey Weima was an experience we will never forget. We had previously traveled with Jeff on his Italy tour, and so already had high expectations, but we learned and saw so much more in Israel and Jordan than we had anticipated. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and passionate, and coupled with the skills of Jeff’s hand-picked local guides, we grew considerably in biblical and historical knowledge, as well as in geography and contemporary happenings in these lands. Jeff is not only a biblical expert, he is also well organized so that the hundreds of details involved in the tour ran smoothly, from transportation to our fine lodging, and from meals to our museum and biblical site entrance tickets. With such details well-cared for by his team ahead of time, Jeff was able to give full attention to the guiding, teaching, worship, study sessions, and experiential/spiritual journey on which he was leading us. We would certainly recommend both this tour and Dr. Weima to anyone dreaming of such a memorable tour experience."  Craig and Janet Klamer (Grand Rapids, MI).

"Traveling with Dr. Jeff Weima through Israel and Jordan, 'Following in the Footsteps of Jesus,' was a truly amazing journey. The trip was well organized, the hotels were lovely and comfortable, and the breakfast and dinner buffets had a wide assortment of delicious foods. The history of some of the sights we saw are hard to comprehend. For example Bet Shean had 15 layers of civilization dating from 5,000 B.C! Petra had magnificent intricate sandstone tombs carved by the Nabataens in the first century B.C. Herod the Great’s construction projects were particularly mind boggling: from the construction of Caesarea Maritima which included creating a harbor where none existed by pouring ground volcanic pumice into the sea, to the impressive Herodium and Masada palace/fortresses, and also the base wall of the temple in Jerusalem with stones 40 feet long and over three feet wide. But the most meaningful aspects of the trip were learning and seeing where Jesus taught and walked. Dr. Weima did an amazing job at each site giving us the historical context and the Biblical lessons that Jesus taught. The whole trip truly has made the Bible come alive for us in "3-D." We are reminded, however, as Jesus taught in Capernaum, Chorazin and Bethsaida that with greater privilege comes greater responsibility.  As Dr. Weima taught us more about our suffering Messiah, we were challenged and inspired to follow Him." Jim & Mary Vander Werp (Pentwater, MI).

"When we first read the study tour title, 'Following the Footsteps of Jesus', Gerry and I were excited to join Jeff Weima on a journey through Israel and Jordan -- and we were ministered to, challenged and inspired throughout. To stand on the streets of Capernaum knowing that Jesus walked right there, to peer over the cliffs of Arbel imagining that Christ and his disciples retreated to those heights, to traverse the waters of the Sea of Galilee hearing the splash of waves just as Peter did when he stepped overboard--these were all amazing experiences. What really brought the scenes to life, however, was Jeff weaving Scripture, archeology and history together at each stop, teaching us fresh perspectives and enlivening the stories we thought we already knew. Now, when we read the words in the Bible, we not only recognize the Word of God, but we also see real images, we hear actual sounds, and we smell distinctive aromas. Our understanding of Jesus and his ministry has been given more depth, breadth and expanse ... and so we are grateful. We unequivocally recommend Jeff and this tour to any and all who are curious about the real places in Jesus' life, who desire more knowledge about Christ's time, and who wish to know the Savior better." Jan & Gerry Van Kooten (Sterling, Alaska).

"We thoroughly enjoyed and were blessed by the tour of Israel and Jordan with Professor Weima. It was a comprehensive tour and a true learning adventure! The daily schedules were efficiently planned and thorough descriptions were given of all the sites.The depth and breadth of Dr. Weima’s knowledge was amazing. All of the sites were interesting, but we most enjoyed walking around Capernaum and surrounding areas of Galilee where Jesus did much of his ministry. The non-commercial character of this area allowed us to imagine that we were there with Jesus. Our Sunday worship on the Mount of the Beatitudes was inspiring. Relaxing dinners with our tour friends allowed us to reflect on each day’s events." Jim & Karen Duthler (Los Angeles, CA)

"If you are looking to increase understanding of 1st century cultural/political/religious environments in Israel and Jordan, this is a great tour.  Dr. Weima and co-tour leader, Khalil Habbab, were first-class in every way with caring consideration for the tour members, years of experience, incredible depth of knowledge along with excellent hotel and bus accommodations. This is a true ‘study’ tour that is packed with in-depth learning experiences that are designed to strengthen one's faith as a follower of Jesus.  Weather can be hot (over 100° F in May), days can be somewhat long (leaving the hotel at 7:30 am and arriving back at 5:30 pm), and there can be a fair amount of walking, but in the end it all is most worthwhile and rewarding. Highly recommended! Jim and Pat De Koekkoek (Central Point, OR).

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"We were privileged to travel  with Dr. Jeff Weima through Greece as we retraced Paul's 2nd and 3rd Missionary Journeys. The sites we visited included Thessaloniki, Phillipi, Corinth, Berea, Delphi, Athens, Ephesus, Patmos, Crete and more! These visits brought new meaning and understanding to the Biblical accounts of Paul's travels and ministry. Dr. Weima's teaching sessions at the historical sites during the day and at the hotel in the evenings were both informative and challenging and made us love Paul more. The springtime landscape was in full bloom which added to the already beautiful scenery.  Also important was being able to travel with fellow Christians and we made many new friends. All aspects of this tour met or exceeded our expectations, and so we highly recommend Jeff's study tours!" Jim and Nancy Meyer (Grand Rapids, MI).

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"If you are looking for a vacation that feeds both you body and your soul, you should sign up for 'Paul's  Missionary Journeys in Greece" with Professor Jeffrey Weima. Every day Ellen and I woke up eager for more Greek cuisine and even more for Jeff's delicious serving from Acts. Greece is stunningly beautiful with snow capped peaks and fertile valleys.  Not only did we experience Paul's 2nd Missionary Journey; but we also stopped at many other interesting historical sights and museums. The trip was topped off by a delightful 3-day cruise that allowed us to visit both ancient Ephesus and Patmos." Rev. Paul & Ellen Hoekstra (Grand Rapids, MI)

Displaying 1976.JPG"I had the privilege to accompany a group led by Dr. Jeff Weima on a Pauline Missionary tour of Greece during my sabbatical. My main purpose was to get a better sense of the background of Paul’s ministry and letters – which I certainly did – but this goal was supplemented by further insights into the history of ancient Greece and beautiful scenery of the mainland and islands. Following Paul’s chronological ministry in Acts 16-19, we visited Neapolis, Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, Corinth, and Ephesus (in Turkey). I learned about the typical structures and layouts of these ancient cities. Do you know what an acropolis, agora, and stoa are and how to describe them? I learned about the religious and social structures of these communities and how they influenced the new converts in the Greek world.  Dr. Weima’s supplementary study sessions in the evenings were extremely revealing and interesting. If you are looking for an adventurous and informative trip that gives you insights into “the world to which Paul ministered and wrote letters,” then I highly recommend this study tour!" Dr. Roger Severino (Brentwood, TN)

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"I just returned from Paul’s Missionary Journeys in Greece.  Dr. Jeff Weima is a wealth of information. I liked the way he related history and mythology to the Bible.  I appreciated the study sessions we had at the various biblical  and ancient sites. April is a wonderful month to visit Greece: the countryside was in full bloom; I especially loved the red poppies. It was a truly amazing tour: amazing sites, great tour guides, breath-taking narrow roads, wonderful Greek food, good accommodations, varied shopping, long days, informative lectures, perfect weather and tired feet. A huge thanks to Jeff for making my first group tour a memorable experience!"  Barbara Mitchell (Bellflower, CA)

"We began following the missionary journey of Paul at Philippi, where the apostle first brought the gospel to Europe. Here Paul baptized Lydia and her household, and for those of us of European descent this is a most significant moment in our history because the gospel came to us beginning there.We then followed Paul’s steps throughout Greece: Amphipolis, Thessalonica, Berea, Vergina, Meteora, Delphi, Athens, Corinth and its port city of Cenchrea. Along the way we had too many marvelous experiences to mention. We especially enjoyed the wonderful city life of Athens, connecting with the local Greek people, cruising among the beautiful islands on the Aegean Sea, and visiting the scene of Paul’s ministry in Ephesus.We loved Greece and highly recommend this inspirational tour. We hope to join Jeff on another of his biblical tours soon! Rev. Larry and Sandy Slings (Holland, MI).

"I went on the 'Following in the Footsteps of Jesus: Israel & Jordan' tour and was very impressed with how well orchestrated this trip was planned (and I didn't have to do the planning)! We saw an amazing number of biblical and archaeological sights in a short amount of time. The local tour guide with a master's degree in political science was very knowledgeable of the sites and informative of current cultural and living conditions. The accommodations were luxurious! Dr. Weima's insights of the biblical passages have helped me understand my Bible better and in turn will help me teach and preach the Bible better. I highly recommend this tour!" Rev. Ken Krause (Big Rapids, MI).

"Kathy and I had the wonderful opportunity to tour Turkey and Greece with Dr Weima in January 2017. As we visited archaeological sites and talked about the lives of the people that lived in Biblical times, familiar words from scriptures came to life, and unfamiliar passages took on surprising meaning. We were joined on the tour by a large group of Seminary students. They made our study sessions and discussions especially interesting, and we made many new friends in our adventures together. We were in northern Turkey and northern Greece during a rare snow storm and had to adjust our travel plans for a few days. Yet we were well taken care of through the entire trip by Dr. Weima, our Turkish and Greek tour guides and bus drivers. Wonderful accommodations, delicious food, interactions with local Christians, and beautiful sights all made for a memorable trip. Back home, we continue to believe that we will forever read the New Testament with greater meaning." Kurt & Kathy Heidmann (Grand Rapids, MI)

  "Through exceptional weather circumstances Dr. Weima and his well informed local tour guides and experienced bus drivers led our group of seminary students and non-students on a Biblical Study tour of Turkey and Greece January 3-17, 2017. The first serious snow and freezing temperatures in both Turkey and Northern Greece in over 30 years did not stop Dr. Weima from teaching and sharing his in-depth knowledge of the sites of the early Christian church and the challenging work of the Apostle Paul. The Turkish military blocked a snow-filled road which prevented us from visiting Pergamum. Icy conditions prevented us from hiking up the acropolis of Philippi. Nevertheless, Dr. Weima's personal familiarity with the biblical sites provided the group with opportunities to see other ancient places related to the theme of the tour. We are now equipped with great photographs and fresh Biblical insights that remind us about the life of the early Christian Church and the Apostle Paul. We continue to use Dr. Weima's study notes and recommended reading materials as we do our daily devotions from the New Testament. The weather on this tour may have been exceptional but the tour was also exceptional. Well done, Dr. Weima! We hope to join you again on a study tour in the future." Phil and Jannetta VandenBerg (Toronto, Canada & Mwanza, Tanzania)

"Dr. Weima knows his stuff, is energetic, and even Inline image 1entertaining---rare qualities for a professor. But our trip to Turkey and Greece with Jeff Weima was not merely entertaining but also spiritually uplifting. Following the footsteps of Paul and visiting the seven churches of Revelation 2-3 from city to city and listening to Jeff explain what happened at each spot was captivating. Each church and city which we had previously only known in theory suddenly now came alive. Dr. Weima's method of communication about these things makes you feel like he was with Paul and his fellow missionaries just the other day as the biblical stories come alive in fresh and exciting ways." Drs. Mwaya & Munyiva wa Kitavi (Nairobi, Kenya).

"Based on the recommendation of friends, 'The Gospel Comes to Italy' (April 2016) is the first trip that we have taken with Jeff Weima.  We were not disappointed.  From the ruins of Pompeii to the canals of Venice, we gained a new appreciation of the culture, the times, and the lives of the apostles Paul, Peter, and Mark.  This was made possible through Jeff’s dynamic teaching and expertise in the scripture and the history he presented. His attention to detail was evident in the accommodations, meals, and travel provided for us. All aspects of the tour—sites too many to name, the guides, new people we met on the tour as well as the local people in each city—are additional facets of the trip that made for an unforgettable and highly worthwhile experience. We hope to join Jeff in the future for further adventures." Steve and Sherry Teeter (Anchorage, AK)

"The study tour led by Dr. Jeffrey Weima  -- 'The Gospel Comes to Italy'  -- was a delightful experience. We enjoyed our visit to the Vatican with its Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Square and the massive and beautiful St. Peter’s Cathedral with its many works of art, especially Michelangelo’s Pieta, the moving sculpture of Mary holding in her lap the body of Jesus.  Other impressive monuments in Rome were the Colosseum, the Forum, the Church of St. Paul Outside the Wall, the Catacombs, the Altar of Peace, the Pantheon, and much more. We also enjoyed the scenic views along the Amalfi Coast and our visit to Pompeii with an opportunity to climb Mount Vesuvius to see its massive crater and take in the panoramic view over the valley and the Bay of Naples. Our visits to Assisi. Florence and Venice were also memorable. The evening study sessions by Dr. Jeffrey Weima on Paul the Missionary, Paul the Letter-writer, and Paul the Theologian were insightful and thought provoking, and the two Sunday worship services were inspiring and uplifting. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip and heartily recommend it to you." Pastor Laryn and Leta Zoerhof (Wheatfield, IN)

"The 'Following in the Footsteps of Jesus' study tour was truly a trip of a lifetime! We credit Jeff Weima's excellent organizational ability for providing outstanding professional guidance and very good hotels and food in Israel and Jordan.  His ability to deal with our schedule in a flexible fashion was notable, as we kept on moving, seeing important and interesting sites substituted for those that we could not enter because of the recent security issues in Israel (we were not deprived).  Jeff is a passionate and well prepared teacher.  His evening study sessions gave us important, interesting background and context for the sites to be visited the next day.  Devotions at sites where Biblical events actually occurred focused us on following the suffering Messiah and appreciating the meaning and impact of his message in his time and ours.  Scripture readings on the Sea of Galilee at the site of the Beatitudes and where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River by John the Baptist were especially moving, as was Jeff's last challenge to us delivered in a devotional evening session.  With Jeff's sharing his knowledge and expertise, Israel and Jordan came to life for us centuries and millennia after events that shaped it. Our reading the Bible now is with a very different perspective and 'feel' for the place where so much happened" -- Jerry and Mary Van Wyke (Bloomfield, Michigan)

“We have have had the privilege of participating in three study tours with Jeff Weima: “Paul’s Missionary Journeys in Turkey and The Seven Churches of Revelation.” (2013), “Paul s Missionary Journeys in Greece”  (2014) and most recently "Following in the Footsteps of Jesus” (2015) in Israel and Jordan. We highly recommend Jeff as an excellent teacher who makes the most of every teaching opportunity and carefully shepherds his guests. As well as gaining more knowledge of the times and places of biblical history, our faith has been challenged and grown as a result these tours.  Tour accommodations were excellent and the opportunity to fellowship with other believers is priceless. We highly recommend Jeff’s tours to anyone seeking to grow in their faith and knowledge of our Lord.”  Dr. Steve and Linda Snyder (Byron  Center, MI)

"The recent Israel/Jordan tour was an immensely educational, historical and spiritual excursion all bundled up in one package. I benefited greatly from the sound biblical insight of our leader, Dr. Jeff Weima, as we explored the different places of the Bible, following in the footsteps of Jesus. The wonderful companionship we all enjoyed, great food and lodging were all an added bonus. As I now read the applicable Bible passages, they come alive to me in 3-D. The time spent on this tour has left an indelible imprint and will not easily be forgotten" -- Debbie VanLeusen (Barrie, Ontario)

Touring Israel and Jordan by “Following the Footsteps of Jesus” with Dr. Jeff Weima was a very special experience for us. Jeff made us feel comfortable and secure from start to finish. Each day of the tour seemed to have its own balance of sight-seeing, learning, and opportunity for spiritual growth. Dr. Weima’s insightful presentations, whether on-site or at the end of the day at the hotel, always had a way of enhancing what we were seeing or experiencing. The times we spent in worship under his leadership were especially enriching. Once you have been there on a tour like this, reading the Gospels is less like reading a book and more like knowing the Person in whose footsteps you have walked. – Rev. Alvin & Carolyn Vander Griend (Lynden, WA)

  "Having just returned from our wonderful trip to Greece, we could think of no better way to thank Dr. Jeffrey Weima for this amazing experience than to write this testimonial for his website.  The trip was an exciting adventure which included traveling the itinerary of Paul's Second Missionary Journey and other ancient Greek and Byzantine sites. Dr. Weima, in addition to being a wealth of information, is a capable and caring leader. His rapport and coordination with the local Greek guide and his evening lectures made the trip that much more special. Another highlight for us were the two Sunday worship services where Dr.  Weima preached sermons which made Paul's letters even more personally applicable. For anyone who wants to gain new insights into Paul, his letters, the culture he experienced, and the geography and history of the Greece in which the apostle traveled, we highly recommend this tour" -- Gary & Karen Tinklenberg (Grand Rapids, MI)

"We joined Jeff on his study tour in Greece in the spring of 2014, and it was an exceptional experience. Jeff's knowledge of the life of Paul, Paul's letters, material culture, and the history of Greece and its culture brings the Bible to life and allows one to hear how God's ancient Word addresses us today. The number and variety of sites we were able to visit in a rather short amount of time testifies to this trip's well thought-out itinerary and continually piqued our curiosity about this land and its important history. Thus we highly recommend this trip, and we commend--and thank--Jeff for his leadership, his teaching, and his vision in making this trip available" -- Rev. Matt & Lena Stob (Holland, MI)

"Dr. Jeff Weima’s insight into the Bible, his knowledge of Greece, his friendly personality, humor and excellent communication skills helped push the trip beyond just a happy holiday to a learning experience that has helped me be a better teacher of the Bible at the University of Jos in Nigeria. Seeing and walking in the places where Paul ministered gave me new insights about parts of the Bible that I teach every day: standing beside the river outside Philippi where Paul baptized Lydia, sitting on Mars Hill within sight of a half dozen temples that convinced Paul that the Athenians were a very religious people, standing on the bema (“speaker’s platform”) in the marketplace of Corinth where Paul appeared before the Roman governor Gallio, sitting in the theater in Ephesus where the mob of 24,000 yelled “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!” for two hours—all of these experiences inspired me to go back and read these stories in Acts more carefully and squeeze every bit of truth I can get from them. This trip has also convinced me that my wife and I should also join Dr. Weima on his other tours as well! -- Dr. Danny & Mary McCain (Jos, Nigeria)

 "It has been a decade-long dream of ours to visit the sites and cities included in Paul's missionary journeys; that dream was fully and richly realized in January 2014 when we participated in a Study Tour of Turkey and Greece led by Dr. Jeff Weima. It is Jeff's stated purpose to enliven the Scriptural content of Paul's trips and letters, but so much more happened as we walked, talked, listened to and lived the words in Acts, Ephesians, Colossians, Thessalonians, and Revelation.  Jeff's master teaching illuminates and illustrates the events and texts in wonderfully interesting and inspirational ways.  His passionate and knowledgeable instruction awakens awe and wonder at every site.  We have been so blessed by our experiences on this trip and will be forever grateful to Jeff for his leadership and care of us all as we adventured together.  We would not hesitate to travel with Jeff again and encourage you to do the same."  -- Jan and Gerry VanKooten (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

"Sitting in church one week removed from our January 2014 Biblical Study Tour through Greece and Turkey and the pastor opens the Scriptures to 1 Corinthians. My wife leans in and whispers, 'We were just there last Monday.' I smile at that thought. Then, as I am listening to the Word, I discover how I have been changed. It is the difference between hearing a story and hearing a story that you now somehow feel a part of. Paul’s mail now makes more sense to me, as does Paul the person. If you ever get a chance to take this study tour with Dr. Jeff Weima, take it! The itinerary is well organized, the accommodations are terrific, and the tour guides are professional and personal. That alone is a glowing recommendation. But the icing on the cake is spending time with Dr. Jeff Weima who is a world-class Pauline scholar, an inspiring teacher, a gracious man, an energetic host, and a ton of fun to spend time with!"  -- Michael and Loretta Nanninga (Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, MI)

"The Greece study tour was the perfect recipe of education, travel and invigoration--flawlessly executed and brilliantly led by Dr. Weima.  The world of Paul opened up for us in ways we never even imagined possible!" -- Dr. Randy and Kathy Engle (Detroit, MI)

"Carol and I very much enjoyed our first guided tour venture to Turkey and Greece. We were comforted by the travel staff greeting and guidance at our departure airport. The staff, hotels, menu, and connections were pleasant surprises. Our fellow traveling companions were a mix of students and adults.  All were lively convivial traveling companions. We were gently shepherded by the guides and drivers who went out of their way to ensure our comfort and travel safety. Dr. Weima presented travel dialogue that connected the sites with biblical and historical significance. His teaching coupled with the trip guide were spiritually enlightening. I look forward to future travel adventures with Dr. Weima.  Safety and comfort could not be improved at the very reasonable price of the trip.  The spiritual insights were an unforgettable bonus. Thanks again Jeff!  You lead a terrific team!" -- Paul and Carol Fairchild (Fairbanks, Alaska).

  "I traveled with Dr. Jeff Weima in the spring of 2012 to Greece and Turkey. What I found delightful was the continual education regarding first century New Testament and ancient Greek history. We enjoyed daily teaching revealing the historical significance of the cities we visited. Dr. Weima was compassionate towards the group, and all our needs were met. Yet, he was also an ever enthusiastic teacher -- very knowledgeable and with a natural teaching style. My personal understanding of some of the most important geographic locations in Paul's letters increased dramatically on this trip, and therefore I would highly recommend the experience to anyone who loves the New Testament. My heartfelt appreciation for the magnitude of St. Paul's contribution has been appropriately heightened. Another unexpected highlight of the trip was the kindness, joy and cheerfulness of the other attendees. We just had a lot of fun and enjoyed laughing together over almost every meal. I made many new good friends, and I pray that many people will have the privilege of taking this truly life-changing trip." - David Granner (Ann Arbor, MI)

"My husband and I have traveled with Professor Jeff Weima on both his study tours--one to Greece and the other to Turkey and the Seven Churches of Revelation. The New Testament has taken on a whole new dimension for us thanks to these two biblical tours! We understand Paul, both the man and his letters, more thoroughly and the churches of the early church have come alive for us. Professor Weima is an outstanding teacher, scholar and a personable leader. Both tours are invaluable for a first hand knowledge of the New Testament in its rich and diverse context!" - Dr. Claude-Marie Baldwin-Vos and Dr. Kenneth Vos (Grand Rapids, MI).

"By the grace of God, we have had the opportunity of traveling with Professor/Reverend Jeff Weima on his two biblical study tours to both Greece and Turkey. We really enjoyed these trips with Jeff and traveling with a small group of enthusiastic Christian brothers and sisters. Not only did we see many impressive ancient sites and beautiful scenery along the way, we also came away with a much better understanding of the gospel that Paul worked so hard to bring to that part of the world. Jeff is not only an outstanding New Testament scholar, teacher, and preacher, he is also a very caring tour leader who always looks after his people. If you are thinking of doing a biblical study tour, you should definitely consider these trips led by Jeff Weima." - Wen & Roberta Cheng (Midland, MI)

"Taking a tour with Jeff was undoubtedly one of the best educational experiences I’ve had. Jeff’s knowledge and passion to share Paul’s letters and life, combined with actually walking in the apostle's footsteps by day and studying his letters by night, was a tremendous learning experience and blessing. This on site experience, combined with Jeff’s study sessions on Paul’s letters, helped me gain a much greater understanding of the content of Paul’s letters, along with a new appreciation for the persuasive skill and pastoral sensitivity with which the apostle wrote. As a Pastor, this trip enables me to better connect and communicate the ancient Biblical truths to our current culture today. For anyone considering taking a biblical study tour, I would highly recommend joining one of Jeff's trips. You will be blessed!" - Rev. Randy Ledeboer  (inSpirit Church, Byron Center, MI)

"I have taken many trips, but none has been as challenging or as rewarding as the trip to Turkey with Jeff Weima. We were stimulated mentally by visiting numerous archeological sites, learning about their secular history from a knowledgeable Turkish guide. Jeff would then tell us how the lives of John or Paul or the early Christians intersected with that particular time frame and location.  Our study sessions by Jeff were not only educational, but also inspirational.  I came home feeling tired physically, but refreshed spiritually!  Paul's letters and John's book of Revelation now mean more to me than ever before." (Barb Mengebier, Green Valley, Arizona)

"I joined Dr Jeff Weima on his trip to Turkey for Paul's Missionary Journeys and the Seven Churches of Revelation during April 2013. I have travelled a fair bit but I can honestly say that this has been one of the best encounters of my entire career. I personally have a great passion for the Bible, for its incredible history and all the Bible lands. From day one I had the time of my life: the phenomenal sites we visited, Jeff's passion for his work, his brilliant research and evening teaching sessions, our accommodations, our excellent Turkish guide, and also a brilliant group of people who shared the same passion for biblical travel. In fact, my fellow travelers on this study tour have enriched my life remarkably and some I can now call life-long friends. One of the things that I can highlight and which made quite an impression was the personal element to Jeff's tour. Whenever I had a question (and those who know me will confirm, I can ask a LOT of questions!), Jeff would stop and provide in-depth detail of exactly what I wanted to know. Weeks after the trip we as a group are still sharing online our photos and experiences which says a lot. I will be joining Jeff on his Greece trip early next year, and so that should remove any doubts you might have about whether to sign up for this kind of trip! Thank you for an absolute unique and incredible experience." Monique Terblanche (Sevenoaks,United Kingdom).

"After hearing Jeff Weima speak on the seven churches in Revelation at our Family Bible Camp, my granddaughter, Michelle Jansons, was very enthusiastic about doing the study tour with Jeff to Turkey. She invited me to join her on this adventure and I accepted without hesitation, a decision that I will never regret. My understanding of church history and the accounts written in the book of Acts and the messages to the seven churches in the book of Revelation skyrocketed. It left me with a renewed passion to study these accounts in the light of the insights I gained on this tour. Both Michelle and I will never read these bible texts the same way again. Some of the most moving parts of the trip were to hear the accounts from scripture read at the actual sites where they happened many centuries ago. Jeff’s lectures at the end of each day were stimulating and hugely informative. The entire tour was well orchestrated, extremely informative, and very comfortable. Both Michelle and I left Turkey with some feeling of regrets that the tour had ended. We highly recommend these biblical tours." Jack Jansons (Kennewick, Washington) and Michelle Jansons (Richland, Washington).

"We chose to travel with Dr Jeff Weima to Turkey in the footsteps of St Paul. Because of the quality, value and overall satisfaction we had with that trip, we also joined his study tour to Greece.  Each time we enjoyed exceptional Christian fellowship and camaraderie with our group. Both trips were well-planned with excellent itineraries, hotels and food. Weima's on-site and hotel lectures are biblically grounded and so worthwhile. He is also fun and personable. Every detail seeks to make for the best travel experience. We enthusiastically recommend these trips to you." - Rev. Jerry & Barb Kramer (Hilton Head, SC)

"My husband and I were privileged to travel with Dr. Jeff Weima to Greece (2005) and Turkey (2007).  As a student of the Bible for many years through the tool of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), I have studied Paul's journeys many times and so looked forward to visiting the biblical sites of his journeys and actually seeing some of the landmarks that Paul saw. I was not disappointed! We were enriched culturally, but more importantly, spiritually by Jeff's enthusiastic presentations, his biblical knowledge and passion for the Gospel message through Paul. We also enjoyed meeting with Christians in each country, and worshiping with Turkish believers during Holy Week. We were blessed by these tours and highly recommend them to anyone considering traveling with Jeff."  Marcia & Cornelius Huizinga (Jenison, MI)

"We continue to benefit from the insights we gained on the study tours to Greece (2006) and Turkey (2009). Jeff Weima is an enthusiastic teacher with a keen knowledge of the Apostle Paul and the early church. Listening to teachings about Paul and the churches the apostle established while we were on the site of those churches helped us experience that these were real people, living in a real place, and at a real time. Besides Jeff’s intense Biblical teaching, we had the advantage of local tour guides with broad knowledge of the countries in which we were traveling. From them we learned a great deal about the contemporary culture and customs. We believe these study tours made good use of the money and time we spent on them." - Ken & Phyllis Dornbush (Jenison, MI). 

"Paul's Missionary Journeys in Turkey and the Seven Churches of Revelation" has revitalized our current ministry and our devotions together as a couple.  As we headed out on the trip I was excited - but also beginning to coast in my parish ministry.  After seeing the Biblical sites with my own eyes - and hearing Dr. Weima's careful, insightful and inspiring teachings - well, "coasting" is no longer an option.  Together Marge and I are taking hold of the challenge  to become conquering Christians.  Even if you are nearing the end of your ministry, you won't want to miss this unique trip!  -- Rev. Bill and Marge Van Der Heide (Ocheyedan, Iowa)

"My wife and I just returned from Jeff’s tour of biblical sites in Turkey.  What a remarkable experience!  Jeff and our jovial Turkish tour guide explained the meaning of structures, statues, symbols and more.  Wherever possible we sat to read the portions of Scripture that played out there.  On many evenings we studied them
in depth with Professor Weima.  Thank-you, Jeff, for your light-hearted, engaging teaching style and well-informed explanation of scripture! At our closing evening someone shared how wise it was for pastors to go, and preferably at a point in their ministry when the fruit of the trip could be shared with their congregations.  In fact he encouraged us to return and recommend the trip to our church councils for our pastors.  I heartily endorse his suggestion, with thanks to our congregation for their gift that will keep on giving." -- Rev. Daryl and Alicia DeKlerk (First Christian Reformed Church of Barrie, Ontario, Canada)

We highly recommend and endorse Dr. Jeff Weima for the ultimate education and travel experience of Turkey.  The instruction and accommodations more than exceeded our expectation and we hope to travel with him again.  Dr. Harlan and Diane Vander Griend (Sheldon, Iowa)